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MSPs, CSPs, ISPs and Telecoms

Service providers, Resellers and Distributors


As an IT delivery manager, monthly invoice preparation can be a challenge, often requiring manual extraction of consumption data from multiple sources and error-prone Excel spreadsheets. Exivity offers a cloud-agnostic solution to alleviate these issues in consumption-based business models. Our powerful ETL engine automates pay-as-you-go logic, with added features like graphical reporting and seamless integration with your ERP system.




hyrbid-cloud-detailed reports

✅ Detailed cost breakdown per Customer


The Exivity reporting engine enables grouping and visualizing of costs at multiple levels throughout the organization.


✅ Rate & Cost Management

Manage global and account-specific rates and costs, including their time-based revisions.


✅ Discount & Uplift Management

With Exivity you can apply customer-specific discounts, uplifts, or one-time credits in order to support the needs of a portfolio manager or finance professional.


✅ API Integration

Using our flexible REST API and our API-first approach, it is a breeze to integrate Exivity with 3rd party vendors.

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