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How Exivity started

The origin of Exivity is deeply rooted in a commitment to building remarkable products transparently, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders. With expertise in cloud metering and reporting, the founding team embarked on creating Exivity in 2017, inspired by the vast possibilities technology offers for business enhancement and job simplification.

Their entrepreneurial journey began not in a typical tech incubator but in a farmhouse in Oldenzaal, Netherlands, fueled by casual brainstorming sessions over beers and music. This unique setting fostered a culture of freedom and excellence, pivotal to developing what started as a minimal viable product into a mature, enterprise-grade solution for hybrid cloud metering and billing.

Exivity's growth narrative is a testament to its founders' vision of fostering a collaborative environment where employees and customers work together to craft leading metering and billing solutions. Today, Exivity boasts a diverse, skilled international team committed to delivering transparency and cost insights across multiple cloud platforms, all through a single screen. The company culture emphasizes independence, transparency, and a zero-tolerance policy for politics, ensuring a focus on excellence and integrity in every facet of operation.

Our Values

We are Exivity, transparent innovators of automated hybrid cloud metering & billing.


We operate as trusted advisors on multi-cloud cost management beyond the product.


Exivity is like a Rubik’s cube; Simple to use and hold in your hands but with infinite possibilities to reach your goals.


It's easy to get started with us. Deploy today, get results tomorrow.


Exivians are free to decide where to work, how and what tools to use to deliver the best customer experience.

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