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Here are some of the most common questions about our solution

Exivity serves organizations of all sizes and industries, including IT service providers, resellers, distributors, telecommunications, and enterprise IT.

Exivity is cloud-agnostic, extracting data from any source, including cloud, network, software, and hardware usage. Explore our Integrations page for details. Check the Integrations page for more details.

Exivity uses various methods to collect data, including APIs, SNMP, log files, and agent-based data collection.

Yes, Exivity reduces costs through automated metering, billing, and optimization of IT usage, providing real-time visibility and control.

Exivity, a reputable software company, offers high-quality solutions for real-time IT usage and cost management. Learn more about their experienced team on their website or by contacting them.

Exivity supports the implementation of FinOps practices by offering real-time visibility and control over cloud usage and costs. Our platform includes tools like detailed cost reporting, allocation, multi-cloud budget management, and integrates seamlessly with other FinOps tools and platforms.

Exivity can be deployed anywhere, even on your own cloud.

Service providers benefit from Exivity with: 
- Cloud-agnostic visibility and detailed reports 
- Effective rate and cost management, including list prices, customer-specific rates, COGS prices, and minimum commit values across cloud data sources
- Streamlined discount and uplift management for portfolio managers and finance professionals.

Some of the benefits are: Hybrid-cloud billing reports, Cost optimization, Detailed cloud reporting, and FinOps practices implementation.

Of course! You can explore our free live demo or reach out to us for a personalized demo session.



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