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Cloud Extractor Templates

Our data Extractor templates enable you to quickly start obtaining both consumption and lookup data from various endpoints ranging from public clouds to IT Asset Management systems. Both public and on-premise data sources are supported for data ingestion into the Exivity platform.


Data Ingestion Live Preview

Exivity comes with a powerful ETL engine to massage your data. This engine includes the ability to preview data normalization, data mapping, and data enrichment as they are being implemented and tested by the user.


Rate and Cost Management

Exivity has a sophisticated interface for managing list prices and customer-specific rates with support for dated rate revisions. As well as rates, Administrators can also manage Costs of Goods Sold (COGS) prices and specify minimum commit values for a variety of services spanning across public and private cloud data sources.


Discount and Uplift Management

With Exivity, you can apply customer specific discounts, uplifts, or one-time credits in order to support the needs of a portfolio manager or finance professional.


Lookup Management

Lookup Management enables users to enrich their ingested hybrid cloud data, typically for allocating usage and costs towards a hierarchical billing structure. Examples include mapping VMware Datastore names to Customers or Departments and mapping AWS or Azure subscription IDs to meaningful customer names.


Data Ingestion Workflows

The Exivity Workflow Engine enables you to automatically execute your Extractors, Transformers, and Reports at custom intervals and times to accommodate for near-realtime data ingestion tasks. It is also possible to execute external scripts or webhooks as part of a chain of command, where external business applications may need to be alerted when Workflows are completed.


Account Metadata

Exivity can be a single source of truth when maintaining Tags, Labels, and other values to identify and map customers, contracts, or department-specific values. If this data is not available in an external CMDB, Exivity supports the population of metadata fields associated with your customer or departmental data.


Role-based Access Control

The RBAC model of Exivity enables you to set different roles and different account access levels. This model enables you to create groups that are (for example) only allowed to see certain reports or only allowed to change rates. In turn, this also enables you to expose the Exivity software as a dashboard to end users who are only permitted to report on their own consumption records.


Budget Management

Using the Budget Management feature of Exivity, organizations are able to set a budget for any business unit or project. A budget can be easily created for a single or multiple business entity. It is possible to configure annual budgets, but also quarterly and monthly depending on your business needs. Alerts can be sent out to each individual user in case a spending threshold is reached.


Detailed Cloud Reporting

Exivity ships with out-of-the-box reports to visualize and group costs based on a variety of towers across the organisation such as resellers, customers, departments, business units, and cost centers.


Hybrid Cloud Drilldown Reports

All reports in Exivity support drill-down functionality to zoom into consumption from a high-level organisational view, through the actual cost center, service, and down to individual Virtual Machine levels.


Hybrid Cloud Billing Reports

The cost summary report enables you to drive billing, showback, and chargeback. Reports can be sent to your customers or departmental managers. They can also be aggregated and fed as line items into 3rd party ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics.


API Integration

Using our flexible REST API and our API-first approach it is a breeze to integrate Exivity with 3rd party vendors. Pull consumption data into a customer dashboard or push data into your ERP, CMDB or ITSFM systems. Check out our API docs here.



Exivity supports user authentication via any SAML2 Identity Provider. Examples include:

  • Azure AD
  • OneLogin
  • Auth0

Information on how to set this up can be found on the Exivity docs site.

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