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Exivity, a platform certified in Financial Operations (FinOps), offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to maximize business value. It facilitates collaboration between engineering, finance, technology, and business teams, empowering them to make data-driven spending decisions. Below are some key features of the Exivity software solution:

Cloud Agnostic

Extract data from any resource, on-premise or public cloud.

Rate & Cost management

Manage list prices, customer-specific rates, COGS prices, and minimum commit values across cloud data sources.

Detailed Cloud Reporting

Visualize and group costs across multiple levels of the organization, including resellers, customers, departments, business units, and cost centers.

Budget Management

Set and manage multi-level budgets for various business units or projects, with customizable intervals and alerts.

Hybrid Cloud Billing Reports

Generate invoice-type reports for billing, charge-back, and show-back use cases.

Hybrid Cloud Drilldown Reports

Access in-depth reports with drill-down functionality for detailed cost analysis.

Role-Based Access Control

 Set different roles and access levels, allowing users to have specific permissions and access within the software.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate with third-party systems using the REST API and an API-first approach.

SAML2 Authentication

 Support user authentication via any SAML2 Identity Provider, including Azure AD, OneLogin, and Auth0.

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