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December 13, 2018
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How to ease your multi-cloud environment pain points in 2019

Overlooked services, usage spikes and outages can heavily impact your cloud bill negatively. In some cases, you are even missing out on revenue. In order to have accuracy you need insights into consumption. Multi-cloud environments also come with a lot of complexity from which three key questions emerge:

  1. How do I control my cloud costs?
  2. How do I get accurate up-to-date data instead of having to rely on estimates?
  3. How can I automate this entire process?

Exivity can mitigate these pain points, empowering you to:

Rediscover revenue

Exivity helps you identify what your customers are actually consuming, ensuring that all consumption records are accounted for. The resulting report data can be then fed into your ERP system, such as Dynamics or SAP.

Visualize IT Spend

Exivity gives you insights into who is using what and when. Showback reports can group spend by any metric in the data, such as Cost Center. These reports can be configured to automatically update as new billing data becomes available from the cloud.

Automate your billing feed

The Exivity service catalogue can be synchronised with the services appearing in the billing data. If consumption records for a service not seen before are present in the raw billing data from the Cloud, this service can be dynamically added to the Exivity service catalogue along with an appropriate rate, also extracted from the original billing data. These services will, of course, be included in the feed sent to your general ledger system, if you have one set up.

Are you still struggling with your cloud billing? Leave the Excel sheets in 2018 behind and let Exivity do the work for you so that you can focus on the other complexities involved with multi-cloud environments.

Contact us to see how we can give you control over your assets and financial insights to automate your IT delivery and find us on the Azure Marketplace here.

About Exivity

Exivity provides a flexible billing tool capable of satisfying the requirements of virtually any IT service delivery model, whether deployed within on-prem, public cloud or hybrid environments. In addition to services provided by the cloud, it can retrieve data from associated systems such as a CMDB and use this to create custom services including SLA levels, worker-hours, AV and security scanning.

Find us on the Azure Marketplace here.

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