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Monitor hybrid cloud resources and optimize your usage

Exivity empowers engineering teams with the necessary tools and insights to optimize IT resource usage, control costs and save time while metering multi-cloud infrastructures.

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✅ Monitor all clouds and resources in one dashboard: public, private or hybrid

Exivity provides real-time visibility into resource utilization across various cloud providers, IT infrastructure, and services. Engineering teams can easily monitor resource usage, identify underutilized or over-provisioned resources, and optimize resource allocation for improved efficiency and cost savings.


✅ Cost Optimization Opportunities

Exivity helps engineering teams identify cost-saving opportunities by analyzing resource usage and cost data. The platform provides insights into cost drivers, enabling teams to make informed decisions on rightsizing resources, identifying areas of overspending, and implementing cost-effective alternatives.


✅ Budget control

Exivity supports engineering teams in adhering to budgetary constraints. The platform provides real-time cost visibility, budget tracking, and alerts for budget overruns. This allows teams to monitor and control costs, make data-driven decisions, and stay within budget limits.


✅ Capacity Planning

Exivity provides historical usage data and trend analysis, facilitating capacity planning for engineering teams. By understanding resource demand patterns and growth projections, teams can make informed decisions regarding infrastructure scaling, provisioning, and capacity optimization.


✅ Showback & Chargeback of IT costs

Exivity provides showback and chargeback mechanisms, enabling Engineering Teams to share cost breakdowns with relevant stakeholders, including other departments or project managers. With detailed cost insights, engineers can make informed decisions about resource allocation and optimization.


✅ API integration

Using our flexible REST API and our API-first approach it is a breeze to integrate Exivity with 3rd party vendors. Pull consumption data into a customer dashboard or push data into your ERP, CMDB, or ITSFM systems.

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