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Your cloud and IT costs demystified

Exivity provides valuable assistance so that the gap between engineering and finance teams cand be closed.

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✅ Real-time visibility into costs across various cloud providers

Exivity provides finance teams with enhanced cost visibility into various cloud providers, IT infrastructure, and services. This comprehensive view allows finance teams to monitor and analyze spending patterns, identify unallocated spend, and optimize financial resources effectively.


✅ Accurate Financial Data

Exivity collects and consolidates financial data from multiple sources, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Finance teams can rely on the platform to access consistent and up-to-date financial information, facilitating accurate financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and decision-making.


✅ High-level organizational view

All reports in Exivity support drill-down functionality to zoom into consumption from a high-level organizational view, through the actual cost center, service, and down to individual Virtual Machine levels.


✅ Drive budget and forecast accuracy

Exivity supports effective budget management by allowing finance teams to set, monitor, and manage budgets within the platform. Teams can establish budget thresholds, receive alerts for budget overruns, and gain insights into projected costs based on historical data. This proactive approach helps teams stay within budget limits and make informed financial decisions.


✅ Cost Allocation and Chargeback

Exivity enables finance teams to allocate costs accurately to different departments, projects, teams, or individual users. This granular cost allocation capability helps finance teams understand cost centers, track spending at a detailed level, and facilitate accurate chargeback processes where applicable.

✅ Say goodbye to manual labour and endless spreadsheets

Do you still juggle around complex Excel sheets to compile your monthly billing or chargeback reports? By using Exivity, you can automate your entire IT delivery. Exivity will obtain all available metrics in your cloud model and collect every type of file format and process it for you. This can be fulfilled organization-wide or per data cost center. With only a few button clicks, you have all insights into your department or project's usage in one tool without having to deal with the overheads associated with this process.

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✅ Integration and Automation

Exivity integrates with virtually any data source. But Exivity can also be used as a data source for different systems like an ERP or self-service portal. You can export monthly aggregated line items to SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or any other ERP system. Or use the Exivity REST API to obtain billing information from a customer self-service portal. Our REST API offers all the tools you need to close your IT delivery chain

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